Smoke Fan Club - November 2018


The year’s almost coming to a close but we’ve still got plenty of favourites to share in this month’s Smoke Fan Club!

expert free riding

Greggs seems to be making a habit out of causing a stir at Christmas. This year they reversed the logo on one of its branches in Newcastle, meaning it reflects in Fenwick’s celebrated Christmas window displays across the street. Well played.

When they go low, SOME go lower

All of us are guilty of being a little bit petty sometimes but the incidents in Topic’s Petty Hall of Fame are on another level. Take a hilarious yet kind of sad journey through their top 60 pettiest feuds of all time.

bright ideas

Low-tech Magazine have created a solar-powered website to cut down on energy use. The magazine is all about the potential of past technology and sustainability so they decided to practice what they preach. Being solar-powered means the website does go down from time to time during cloudy periods and there’s a battery percentage in the bottom corner to let users know how they’re doing. They’re based in Barcelona though, so it’s not the worst place in the world for a solar-powered site.


A cool piece of content about, well, other cool pieces of content. The Ringer’s list of the 100 best TV episodes of the century so far is not only a fun read but a great example of interactive web content. As you scroll down the list, a video player autoplays a clip from the episode you’re reading about so you can relive those iconic moments. Some of our favourites may not have made the list but we’re willing to forgive them.

Guardians’ Inferno

In honour of Stan Lee, we wanted to throwback to this video made alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Starring ‘Zardu Hasselfrau’ (Gamora’s mistaken name for David Hasselhoff), the video was made really just for the fun of it and it may have been one of the greatest things Stan Lee made a cameo in.