Humans of Accra


Photographer Kalpesh Lathigra captures the youth of Accra, Ghana and gives us a glimpse into their daily lives. Interviews by Betty Kankam-Boadu.


"I love Accra because it’s easy, and when I say easy I mean everything is easy going, everything is slow paced. It’s not too fast. You can sort of do whatever you need to do, get about without being in rush hour all the time. Even though there is traffic but then it is not that bad.

I come to the mall for the food. All of my favorite places are here. Pizza Hut is here and Barcelos and what not.

I literally will not have a life if I didn’t have the internet or if I didn’t have my phone. My whole life is on my phone. {If I run out of credit on my phone} I semi have a heart attack then I drop whatever I am doing to go and get credit. Because I need my internet to be working. I need to be able to reach people and I need to be reachable myself."




"Nothing really inspires my fashion but then I go with what looks good on me. I have a number of African prints.  I am inspired by Komla Dumor. I am a student. I study Business Administration. I want to become a business mogul. Aliko Dangote is my business role model."

Edem Michael



"I like Rasta. I just want my hairstyle like this."




"I am happy to learn how to braid hair. I already have the skill I am here to perfect it."

Abigail (far left)



"I learnt hairdressing to support myself. I wanted to learn how to sew but my mother talked me out of it. On week days people do not show up. But on weekends this place is full of clients."


"{I come here} very often almost every weekend. I feel comfortable when I am doing my hair here and the hairdresser is cool."



Accra boxers

"I hope to be the best boxer and I hope to be a world champion. As for me, I said I have accepted it (boxing) as my future career so I will be the best.  I feel some pressure on me but I don’t take it as something which is bad. I know it is painful and {there} is enjoyment in it. So when you do the best you will enjoy in the future."

Mohammed Ayittey (Blue)

"I am boxing because of many things. It is a sport- it is a good game and I like it best. The first day I came, they test{ed} me- they let me fight with someone and they told me that I have done well so I know that I can do it. I feel good because boxing is a game that I like. Always I am happy to do it so when I finish I feel good."

Amadu Mohammed (Red)



"This is Sakumono beach. Normally we come here and we have been riding horse over here.  I have been schooling. I just finished SHS this year. I come here Sundays and Saturday."

Nii Okai



"I like swimming a lot so I usually come to swim. I come here every Sunday. I am a sales girl in a boutique. I come on Sunday to relax. I don’t like the rubbish around; apart from that I am okay with the beach."




"I came to swim because today is my beach day. I am a scrap dealer now but I want to be a bodyguard.  I use Kohl so my face will change {and be} nice."




"We have dated for about two months today."

Jesus and Jennifer