Smoke Fan Club - December 2017

Smoke Fan Club

Aside from mince pies, here's what we've been loving at Smoke this month.

Supermarket sweep

Can you imagine what your local supermarket would look like without any foreign products? Shoppers at a store in Germany didn’t have to. The supermarket chain Edeka emptied the shelves of its Hamburg location, only leaving products made in Germany, to make a statement about the importance of diversity. Signs were placed around the store carrying messages like ‘This shelf is quite boring without variety’, ‘We will be poorer without diversity’, and ‘Our range now knows borders’. Food for thought.


The Rotten Apples

Want to watch something that hasn’t been tainted by a cast or crew member’s sexual misconduct allegations?  Just type the name of the film or TV show into the search bar of The Rotten Apples and the site will tell you if it’s tied to anyone accused of a sexual offence. The website aims to “further drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is and to help make ethical media consumption easier”.


The Swim Reaper

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A social media influencer posting picturesque photos of beaches is nothing new but when that influencer happens to be Death personified, you pay attention. The Swim Reaper has amassed a following of almost 180,000 people with scenes of seas, sand, and his shady silhouette. But the account has more to it than just humour – it was created by FCB for Water Safety New Zealand to warn young people about the dangers of drowning. “If ur gonna make dumb decisions in the water, I’ll be waiting,” warns the Swim Reaper in his bio.


Generation Screwed

Michael Hobbes’ article for the Highline on how screwed millennials are makes for an entertaining read. Aptly titled ‘FML’, the report covers how the generation is facing unstable job markets, stratospheric house prices, racial inequality, and more, told through data, animations, and real stories. Have a scroll!


Boa Me

Fuse ODG’s new track Boa Me sees him teaming up with Ed Sheeran and Mugeez. Fuse’s first album T.I.N.A stands for This Is New Africa, celebrating and presenting the continent in a positive light, making a change from the usual one-sided, poverty-stricken portrayal seen in the media. The music video for Boa Me continues the message.