Smoke Fan Club - October 2017


Books, blood, and bolognese: here’s a roundup of some of the things we’ve been loving at Smoke this month.

KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter

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A Twitter user discovered KFC’s account only follows 11 people – the 5 Spice Girls members and 6 men named Herb. The reason? The secret recipe for KFC’s chicken includes 11 herbs and spices. The news has since gone viral, proving the fast food chain has a seasoned social media manager on their team.


There will be blood

AMV BBDO’s #BloodNormal campaign for Bodyform and Libresse uses red liquid instead of blue to represent periods. Sanitary product advertising has long tried to convince us that periods are a pretty great, clean time. This isn’t entirely their fault – stigmas surrounding periods still linger and just this year The Assorted TV Broadcast Authorities Worldwide stated ‘The sight of period blood is unacceptable’. This ad decided to challenge their thinking and hopefully it'll help to change it too.


none of us are the product of staying put

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Jigsaw’s autumn/winter campaign celebrates immigration and diversity, pointing out that without it the brand wouldn’t be able to exist the way it does today. Alongside images of models and the tagline ‘ immigration’, the campaign includes a manifesto that calls for love, openness, and collaboration. The brand has taken over Oxford Circus tube station as well as placing their ads in print and digital. Jigsaw have also been continuing the conversation on social media and have even partnered with Ancestry UK to offer 10% discounts on genealogy tests.


Don't judge a book by its cover


Blind Date with a Book sells books wrapped in brown paper with only vague clues of what’s inside listed on the cover. It’s a pretty ingenious way to offer up a new experience in the world of analogue, leaving your next read completely up to chance and possibly picking up a book you’d never have even considered.


Food Films

Last but not least, food artist and commercial director David Ma imagines what it would be like if some of our favourite directors tried their hand at recipe videos.


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