Here | Shelter


Deepen engagement and increase retention of new supporters, particularly those recruited through face-to-face fundraising.

A radically new, high-quality twice-yearly publication – ‘HERE – A magazine about where we live'. The magazine is posted to regular supporters, powered by a content strategy that appeals to an audience who cared enough to sign up but weren’t engaged enough to dig deeper, financially, emotionally and practically.

‘Very solid strategic approach combined with exceptional creativity. The Smoke team quickly grasped our brief and brought it to life in ways that connected with the audience and delivered results’ Tracy Griffin, Director of Fundraising

‘Just seen first issue of Shelter’s new magazine through my door. Great example of how charities should communicate. Proud to support them.’

‘A charity newsletter that you actually look forward to reading – whatever next?’

#covertocover: ‘This beauty from @Shelter is, honestly the only charity mailing I’d want to pay for.’

Awarded Launch of the Year and Best use of Illustration at the International Content Marketing Awards 2014.