Comica | ICA | Lazarides


Develop an innovative way to engage a diverse under 30s audience, helping them to gain an understanding of corruption in a broader development context. Create mechanisms for the direct interaction with the issue. Explore revenue streams.

A month-long exploration of the issues surrounding corruption through the popular cultural medium of comic books in partnership with Comica (International Comics Festival), the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Lazarides.

Panel Discussion
Hosted in conjunction with Comica at the ICA

An evening of making political posters inspired by the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption comic.

Music and Comics Night
An evening of live music and DJs to launch the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption comic book anthology.

Entrants were shortlisted and given a comic script by Lightspeed Champion on the theme of corruption and were invited to create a visual adaptation of the story. Winner’s work was shown alongside the work of some of the world’s greatest talent at the Lazarides Gallery Soho.

Comic Book
10,000 copies printed and sold through Diamond Comics, the UK’s largest distributor of English language comics and graphic novels.

Polite Cards. Sold through 250 independent boutiques and galleries/ museums across the UK including Tate Modern, Saatchi and V&A and through bespoke spaces in Urban Outfitters and Selfridges.